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We Are the Greater Sudbury Landlord Association

An Education Provider to All Landlords/Property Managers in the Greater Sudbury Region

Our Mission

As GSLA (Greater Sudbury Landlord Association), we are a non-profit educational provider to all landlords and property managers. Our goal is to help train landlords and property managers to acquire knowledge in the practice of renting real estate including renting and tenant management, saving on costs, and creation of wealth. We are a resource centre for our members providing a once a month meeting to learn and share information. We continue to strive for changes in the Residential Tenancies Act as well as fight to reduce hearing wait times at the Landlord Tenant Board at a provincial level.

Our vehicle is a network of vendors to help service our rentals and the potential to discount the services provided to the GSLA. We offer marketing for these vendors to communicate their services related to the residential housing market.

History of the GSLA

Established in 2017 by professionals in the industry, the GSLA was started to serve as a group that supported and educated landlords in Sudbury. Starting with only 10 members, landlords were beginning to understand what rights they had and how to properly address tenant disputes of all types. Now with over 150 members, the GSLA continues to educate landlords but also fight for changes in the legislation regarding landlord-tenant relations. The GSLA has worked with the Landlord Tenant Board offering advice on form changes and fighting for shorter hearing wait times for landlords. Since the prevalence of the GSLA, the LTB has hired more adjudicators after voicing the GSLA’s concerns at Queen’s Park. To this day, the GSLA still fights for landlords at the ministry of housing and against the premier of Ontario.

Ray Goulet