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Changes To Housing Act A Welcome Change, Sudbury Landlord Group Says

Changes To Housing Act A Welcome Change, Sudbury Landlord Group Says

Upcoming changes to the provincial housing act may make it easier for landlords to recover back rent or costs for damages from tenants, but critics say the bill isn’t doing much to make sure small rental operations have enough cash to make it through the pandemic.

Bill 184, also known as the Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, would provide a number of new avenues for landlords to both evict and collect unpaid rent from current and past tenants.

The changes would apply retroactively to when the province first declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sudbury NDP MPP Jamie West says bigger cities like Toronto face a rash of “rent evictions,” where property owners evict tenants under the guise of undertaking improvements to the site. Once the unit is vacated, landlords can turn around and rent to someone else, often with an increase in rent.

The situation is a little different in northern communities, West says.

“In Sudbury, the majority of our landlords are what I would call a mom and pop landlord,” West said.  “We know a lot of these people…they work full time, and they own a duplex or they live on one side of the duplex, or they rent their basement.” “They’re really struggling and I’m not sure how much this will help or not help them.”West says the NDP has been pushing for rent subsidy to tenants.

In an email, the NDP outlined the policy:


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