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January 27 2022 – Landlord Tenant Board Updates

TO: Landlord and Tenant Board Stakeholders
FROM: Dawn Sullivan, Acting Associate Chair

Lynn Dicaire, Registrar
DATE: January 27, 2022
RE: Tribunals Ontario Portal – L2 applications

We are writing to inform you that there have been some technical difficulties with certain L2
applications (Application to End a Tenancy and Evict a Tenant or Collect Money) filed through the
Tribunals Ontario Portal, resulting in missing or incomplete data from those applications.
We are working to resolve the issue and we expect to have a solution in place in the next 10 to14
In the interim, the LTB will be contacting all applicants who filed the affected L2 applications and
asking them to complete a new L2 application using our PDF forms and upload it to their Tribunals
Ontario Portal file. LTB staff will use the information in the PDF form application to update the
original application submitted via the portal. The LTB will also send a copy of the application to the
respondent and parties associated with the file via email if an email address is available, and by
Canada Post.
This will not have an impact on the affected application’s place in the queue with respect to hearing
dates and legislative deadlines, and any supplementary filings such as the Request to Extend or
Shorten Time will also be unaffected. The original filing date will be preserved.
If you or your clients have any questions about the status of your L2 application filed through the
Tribunals Ontario Portal, please contact us at [email protected] All other applications – L1, T2 and
T6, currently available to file through the Tribunals Ontario Portal remain unaffected.
As with any new system, some technical challenges are to be expected and any system fixes must
be planned and executed properly. We appreciate your patience during this time of change.

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