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    The GSLA Members list is an Opt in Opt out feature of membership allowing members the potential to network within the association.
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    Professionalism: The GSLA is a private association and reserves the right to deny a candidate based on any reason it sees fit. Furthermore it is understood that membership may be revoked should a members conduct be considered damaging to the association.

    Dues and Membership fees: I understand that a yearly fee of 120.00 is required to maintain my standings within the GSLA. To be remitted on the 1" of January. Fees collected throughout the year will be modified based on the month when membership begins. Failure to pay dues will result in termination of membership.

    Application Acknowledgment: I have read the application and provided information that is accurate and up to date. By signing below I confirm that I have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the GSLA non-disclosure agreement.



    Forming the parties hereto are the GSLA and Print Name:

    I acknowledge that, in my capacity as a Board member/member of GSLA, I will have access to certain confidential information. This information includes, but is not limited to the following: files, records, studies, protocols, reports, surveys, samples, schedules, appraisals, computer programs, and statistical information. Confidential information may be oral, written, or electronic. Should a member be unsure about the requirement for Confidentiality it is the responsibility of the member to seek clarification from the Board prior to making any disclosure to any other person, firm or corporation.
    I understand that all GSLA members must sign a Declaration of Non-Disclosure when they commence their association with the GSLA. This includes Board Members/members within the GSLA and temporary members. Under this declaration, members consent to keep all matters to which they are privy related to all businesses being conducted at the GSLA confidential.
    I agree that during my association with the GSLA and after termination of association with the
    GSLA, I shall not disclose to any other person, firm or corporation, any confidential information relating to the GSLA or its members, other than for the specific purposes required by my duties within the GSLA, without previous consent in writing from the GSLA Board I also understand that I am required to notify the Board of the GSLA immediately of any breach of my obligations or conflict of interest under this agreement which comes to my attention.
    I acknowledge that should a disclosure of Confidential information be made the GSLA may pursue legal action for Liability or other remuneration. | further understand that disclosure of Confidential information can result in termination of association with the GSLA.
    By signing and returning a copy of this document to the Board of the GSLA, I confirm my understanding and acceptance of the above clauses and will comply with these clauses. I also agree that my obligation to comply with the above will survive my termination of association with the GSLA.

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