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Ontario temporarily pauses residential evictions

  • January 25, 2021
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SUDBURY — Until the province-wide stay-at-home order is lifted, landlords in Ontario can’t evict their tenants.

A news release put out by the province said it has issued an emergency order to ensure people are not forced to leave their homes during the provincial declaration of emergency and while the stay-at-home order is in effect.

But Ray Goulet, president of the Greater Sudbury Landlord Association, told CTV News times are tough for landlords as well, and that they need to be paid.

“Landlords are stressed … and this delay just isn’t going to work for them,” Goulet said. “Tenants (can’t) use COVID-19 as an excuse to not pay. They have to continue paying their rent.”

Goulet is encouraging Sudbury tenants, to work with their landlord, and pay as much of their monthly rent as they can.

“If they’re under stress themselves — there’s no more CERB, there’s no more unemployment — then yes, ask the landlord to work with them,” he said. “Let’s talk and work together. But ultimately, we need to see our rent.”

Sudbury MPP Jamie West said he agrees with the Conservative government’s decision to halt evictions, but said it’s not the solution to the problem.

“It’s a good move in terms of people who are facing eviction due to COVID — they will be able to stay in their house for a month,” said West. “But the reality is, what will that mean the month following? The role of the government is to come in and help, and really what they should be doing is providing the rent subsidies that will allow people to stay in their units and allow landlords to get paid so they don’t lose their livelihood.”

The province said the Landlord and Tenant Board will continue to receive eviction applications and issue eviction notices, but nothing will be carried out until the state of emergency is lifted.

“Once the 28 days has been lifted, then we can get back on board with evictions,” said Goulet. “The Landlord and Tenant Board is going to be faced with a multitude of filings to proceed with … Then that’s going to roll down to the sheriff’s office, who will be very busy performing evictions.”

The province said the order will also protect homeowners who may have defaulted on their mortgage and whose properties are being repossessed by a court order.


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