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Updates related to Self-Scheduling, Evening and Weekend Hearings, and Requests for Urgent Hearings

TO: Landlord and Tenant Board Stakeholders
FROM: Ian Speers, Associate Chair

Lindiwe Bridgewater, Acting Registrar

DATE: March 28, 2023
RE: Landlord and Tenant Board Updates

We are writing to inform you of scheduling updates related to Self-Scheduling, Evening
and Weekend Hearings, and Requests for Urgent Hearings.
The Landlord and Tenant Board recently launched the Self-Scheduling tool for L1 and L9
applications and to date, over 2000 parties have used it to schedule a hearing. Currently
L1 and L9 applications are being enabled for Self-Scheduling for files submitted in
January 2023 and invitations will be sent out in order of file submission date. When a file
is enabled for Self-Scheduling, an email will be sent to both the applicant(s) and the
applicant’s representative (if any) inviting them to access the system to schedule a
hearing date for their file. If you receive an invitation, please log into the Tribunals Ontario
Portal and link the file to your account to Self-Schedule. If you do not have a PIN to link
the file to your account, please send an email to [email protected] to request one.
The applicant or their representative will be able to choose the date and time from the
next available hearing blocks. Please choose carefully, as once an applicant or
representative has chosen a date, it can only be changed if a Request to Reschedule is
submitted and approved. It is encouraged that applicants with a representative allow the
representative to select the hearing date. This is to avoid any scheduling delays related
to rescheduling hearing dates.
If there are any issues with the tool, please let us know by sending an email to / filling out
the online form at TOP: Contact | Tribunals Ontario
Evening and Weekend Hearings
We thank everyone that submitted feedback regarding our Evening and Weekend
Hearings initiative. After reviewing the responses, we’ve decided that these hearings will
be primarily for adjourned matters that may be offered by Adjudicators based on their
availability. Hearings may be offered for evenings and weekends if there is consent from
all parties.


Requests for Urgent Hearings
Requests to Shorten Time to a hearing continue to be offered for all application types.
Currently, applications of all types will be scheduled for an expedited hearing only on the
basis of a Request to Shorten Time being granted. T2 applications alleging illegal lockout
and seeking restoration of possession will continue to be expedited without the request
being submitted as the sole exception to this practice.


Ian Speers Lindiwe Bridgewater
Associate Chair Acting Registrar

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