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Landlord assoc. says too many renting laws favour tenants

Landlord assoc. says too many renting laws favour tenants

Group looks to educate landlords on responsibilities, level the playing field for building owners

The Greater Sudbury Landlord Association has amassed more than 30 members in just six short months of existence and their doors are open to new members.

Made up of landlords, professional realtors, and property managers, the GSLA is aiming to educate its members and visitors through monthly meetings that each focus on a different subject matter related to property management.

Guest speakers have included pest control experts, paralegals and city bylaw enforcement. The association has requested a representative of the Landlord Tenant Board attend as a guest speaker.

The GSLA was formed in January of this year and has held a meeting at the CarusoClub once a month since being formed.

“Landlords were a bit unsure of their rights and their responsibilities of being a landlord,” said Sherry Jordan, vice president of the GSLA. “We’re also looking to be a voice in the community to hopefully get some things changed at the provincial level that are more in favour of the landlord and not so one-sided to the tenant.”

Jordan says that things like tenant notices to vacate are very one-sided and can often leave landlords on the hook for a lot of money.

“If a landlord proceeds with an eviction for non-payment, a tenant has a right to file a stay, so even though the landlord has incurred all kinds of costs and waited all the time that the Landlord Tenant Board has told them to wait, even at the last minute you may not get your property returned to you,” said Jordan.

“Then you have to set another date in the landlord tribunal to try to get the tenant out again. We feel it’s very one-sided in favour of the tenant and we’d like to see some changes.”

Once monthly, the GSLA brings in a guest speaker to educate landlords on best practices for managing a property and tenants.

“We’ve had a paralegal come in and tell us what kind of things to put on lease agreements, what to ask for on an application,” said Jordan. “We just had Brandon Adair from city bylaw and he spoke to us about things like pets and barbecues and fire pits and towing vehicles on properties, so bringing these types of community leaders in to educate our landlords is a big part of what we’re doing.”

Membership to the GSLA is $120 annually, or $10 per meeting for non-members. It pays to be a member though, Jordan said, as you’re always kept up to date even if you miss meetings.

“There’s people who may be away at camp during the summer months or have other commitments, but there’s a meeting they’re really interested in; if you’re a member you’ll receive the minutes from past meetings and you’ll be put on an email list to stay updated,” said Jordan.

Being a member also comes with some perks, as organizations like Abel Pest Control offer a discount to landlords who are members of the GSLA.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the GSLA, or attending their next monthly meeting can contact [email protected]. You can also find them on Facebook.

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